Playing CrossMath

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Game Rules

  • To get started, select a game table. Next, choose a difficulty level from Easy to Hard.
  • On the game page you will see a set of given numbers ranging from 1-12 and a grid with black boxes containing the Equa demands ranging from 7-24. The demands represent the sum of digits you will insert into the empty squares from the set of given numbers.
  • The object of the puzzle is to insert the given numbers in the empty squares so when they are calculated in threes from left to right and top to bottom they satisfy the demands in the shaded boxes both horizontally and vertically.
  • Each empty square dictates the math operation that must be performed to meet the demands.
  • Keep in mind the mathematical order of operations: multiply or divide before you add or subtract.
  • Once on the game page, the clock starts ticking immediately.
  • To insert a number into a square click on it, then click the square where you want to place it. You can move inserted numbers around the grid by clicking and dropping.
  • Click  to see your results. However, be aware that if you check your answer and it's wrong, you will incur a time penalty of 1 minute.
  • To clear puzzle and start over click  .

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